College lecturer stars in new BBC documentary.

College lecturer stars in new BBC documentary.

Harry Smy (Curriculum Coordinator for Health, Care, Science & Sport) has has just starred in a BBC crime documentary series.

His background in forensic science initially alerted a production company called Chalkboard TV as they set about filming a new programme titled ‘Murder, Mystery and my Family’.  

The show examines historical murder cases between the late 1800’s and 1950’s.

It brings together experts (like Harry), barristers and relatives of those who were convicted to discuss the merits of a case as they employ modern forensic techniques to see if the original decision should have been upheld.

Mr Smy – who has previously worked as a forensic science consultant and lecturer at universities and colleges across the UK – was looking at a specific case that took place in Great Yarmouth 118 years ago.

He was given original evidence that allowed him to give his own fresh insights into the impact these had on the trial and subsequent verdict. The case was centred on Mary Jane Bennett who was murdered on a beach in Norfolk in 1900.  The key items of evidence were a photograph of the victim taken days before her death and a piece of jewellery that was found in the suspect’s (her husband) possession, sometime after her death.

Harry said, “I have consulted on cases for publication previously but this was my first time for TV.

“I was given photographs and an actual chain that was worn by the victim before her death. We reviewed the items both in regards to the case at the time and what we would do if the case was happening now.

“It was an amazing opportunity to offer my opinion and expertise on this case and potentially share this experience with my students in the future.”

Marketing manager, Craig Shimmon, said, “It’s great to see our lecturers using their expertise on national television in this way. It helps show that our students are being taught by some of the most informed tutors in their field that the UK has to offer.”

The episode with Harry is now on BBC iPlayer