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SNC gets Highly Commended at Suffolk Greenest County Awards

News overview

Suffolk New College is delighted to announce its commendation at the Suffolk Creating the Greenest County Awards held at The Hold on 27th March 2024. The commendation recognises the College’s outstanding efforts in promoting sustainability and green skills development.

Craig Shimmon, Head of Marketing; Emma Taylor, Director of Business Development and Strategic Projects; Mike Mears, Head of PD; and Lecturer Sarah Brunning, alongside two learners, attended the event.

The commendation is a testament to the College’s commitment to environmental practices and fostering green skills among its staff, students, and the wider community. 

Notable achievements include the organisation of the New Anglia Green Skills Conference in March 2023, which brought together stakeholders from five colleges to share knowledge and innovation in green skills training. The College’s Net Zero Skills Centre in Ipswich has also provided invaluable training opportunities for future generations, equipping them with skills for careers in sustainable industries.

Additionally, Suffolk New College’s efforts extended to achieving LEAF accreditation for its farm at Suffolk Rural and launching a ‘Farm to Fork’ initiative, promoting sustainable farming practices and educating the wider community about local and sustainable food production.

Tom Heap And Sarah Brunning
Tom Heap and lecturer Sarah Brunning

The College’s dedication to embedding sustainability in teaching and learning is evident through projects such as a two-day sustainability festival for students and special projects undertaken by teaching staff to integrate sustainability into their work.

Looking ahead, Suffolk New College remains committed to advancing its environmental agenda, leading a major partnership skills project across Norfolk and Suffolk to transform training opportunities in the region. The launch of new training programs, including the Low-carbon Heating Apprenticeship, reflects the College’s proactive approach to addressing emerging environmental challenges.

Suffolk New College’s commendation at the Suffolk Creating the Greenest County Awards underscores its pivotal role in promoting sustainability and green skills development. As the College continues its journey towards a greener future, it remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering environmental stewardship and empowering individuals to make a positive impact on their communities and the planet.

Posted 27 March 2024