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Arboriculture (Forestry & Tree Care)

Modern forestry and arboriculture practices involve far more than just growing trees for timber. There are numerous career options depending on your interests and goals, which range from managing large forests to maintaining trees for amenity and urban landscapes.


Dedicated Arboriculture workshop and access to industry standard equipment.

Hands-on learning

Regular visits to woodland areas and local estates, as well as our own arboretum and outdoor teaching spaces.

Learner wearing PPE climbing a tree.

Build your career in

These courses are available for all that express an interest in the field of arboriculture, regardless of your current skill level or previous experience. Beginners will gain an understanding of the skills and important knowledge needed when operating in a tree-work setting, while those that have obtained previous experience will be able to progress to further learning and training.


The qualifications we offer will support you to acquire the skills you will need, allowing you to progress into further training and higher education, or to enter the world of work within the forestry and arboriculture industries.

We aim to provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment for learners to develop their contribution to forestry and associated industries. We support learners to develop an underpinning knowledge within the subject area, promoting and encouraging the development of new techniques and learning activities.

Close up of learners in wooded area with Tree Cutting warning sign.
Close up of tree climbing equipment with learner in the background.

Book an Open Event and come visit us!

Come and visit us on one of our college Open Events, where you can find out more about our courses, check out our facilities and speak to current learners and staff.

Learners in wooded area with Tree Cutting warning sign.

Careers in the Arboriculture Sector

Help & Support

Moving from school to college can be something of a culture shock. But at Suffolk New College we’ve created a supportive, social environment where you can easily get access to the help and advice you need, make new friends and get the most out of your time with us.

Two learners sitting in the learning curve reading books.