GCSEs Overview

Most courses that can be studied at Suffolk New College or other insititutions will require that students have successfully achieved certain grades in the core GCSE subject areas. As part of your study programme the College offers the opportunity to work towards these crucial grades in English, Maths and Science.

Available GCSEs courses

Biology (AQA GCSE)

The course is organised into eight topics: Cell biology; Organisation; Infection and response; Bioenergetics; Homeostasis and response; Inheritance; Variation and Evolution and Ecology. The Biology content of the new specification covers many exciting and relevant topics including cloning, monoclonal antibodies,...

GCSE English

This course is designed to inspire and motivate you to develop a sound understanding of the English Language by assessing your reading and writing skills. It will support you in developing the expertise that you need to communicate effectively, to...

GCSE Mathematics

We challenge students to develop and refine their problem solving strategies, and build the confidence and skills required to tackle unfamiliar challenges. The course prepares students to function mathematically in the world and provides a thorough grounding for further study...