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Steps to Success

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Suffolk New College and providing you with an Exceptional Student Experience.

Former school leavers, now college students enjoying themselves in the Ipswich campus atrium at lunch time.

Your first day

On your first day, your Link Tutor will provide you with your timetable for the full academic year which will run on the same days as your first 2 weeks. This will help you to become familiar with the days that you are expected to attend College.  

English and maths activities will be embedded into your Steps to Success programme highlighting how these topics remain vital to your professional development. 

A group of T Level learners building a structure outside the Ipswich Campus
Learners working in the Tech campus

Steps to Success

Steps to Success is your introduction to College and will provide you with the following :

  • An overview of what your course will involve and the days you will be in College 
  • How all the elements of your study programme fit together, and how you will learn
  • You will have an introduction to the digital apps and processes to support your College experience
  • You will meet your tutors and some of the other teams at the College, such as our Youth Safety Rangers, the Student Support Team, and Progress Tutors
  • You will be introduced to how to arrange your work and industry placements, which will support your development as we prepare you for your future career
  • You will also complete a Discovery and Development Project that will include an activity with employers
  • Support in developing an understanding of what you can do at the end of your study programme, and what career opportunities it can lead to
  • You will be advised as to the PPE, equipment, resources or books you will need

It is essential that you attend your Steps to Success programme. 

But, if you are unable to attend, for unavoidable reasons, then please contact the Absence Reporting System as soon as possible from 4th September onwards, to explain why.

Please also make sure you have provided a valid next of kin contact email address.

If you have any other queries, or have concerns about joining College, please contact 01473 382290 or 382280.

Learners walking through the Suffolk Rural Campus