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Access to Higher Education

For many people, we grew up with the idea that your education was a one-time event that you couldn’t redo or return to. Many people don’t even consider the possibility of retaking their GCSEs or gaining a college diploma at a certain age, especially when work life, family commitments, and many other lifestyle factors take up most of our day-to-day lives. 

Well, SNC is here to tell you that it’s never too late to chase your dreams or make a change, as our Access to Higher education courses ensure that everyone can return to education and work their way to a university degree, regardless of age or lifestyle.

Female adult in a classroom setting making notes.

Start your journey to HE

Our HE Access courses are strictly for students aged 19+ who wish to return to education, providing the opportunity to gain the required qualifications to progress to a university degree.

Our students gain further knowledge and skills to prepare and qualify for university and (if necessary) retake specific GCSEs (maths and English). Your chosen course will teach you how to conduct yourself academically, providing research and study skills, critical thinking, and the ethics of higher education.

Advanced Learner Loans are available to cover tuition costs and other expenditures, and with only two days a week in college, it’s never been easier to fit your education around work, family, and any other lifestyle commitments.

Adult learner in lab coat performing an experiment in a science lab.

Financial Support

The College offers bursary schemes to enrolled students which offers assistance with kits, travel to College, uniform, college trips and other course materials.

Female learner reading a book in the College library