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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for Suffolk New College has been developed in consultation with stakeholders, staff and customers. The Plan outlines the College's ambitious goals for the next five years. Feel free to browse through our Strategic Plan.

Public Values Statement

Discover how Suffolk New College adds value to the social, economic and physical well-being of our whole community and how these values underpin the College's Strategic Aims here.

Strategic Aims

The staff, students and Board members of Suffolk New College are committed to our renewed Strategic Aims. The Strategic Aims are implemented throughout our ethos, culture, activities and partnerships, and through the delivery of the College's Strategic Plan. Our aims can be viewed here.

Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity is embedded into the way the College works.Suffolk New College is committed to creating and sustaining a positive and supportive working environment for our staff and an excellent teaching/learning experience for our students, where staff are equally valued and respected and students are encouraged to thrive academically. As a provider of employment and education, we value the diversity of our staff and students. We are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive learning and working environment for our students and staff. Find out more in our Equality and Diversity Policy and our Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan.

Student Statistics

Student satisfaction is our number one priority, so we're delighted to release the results of our latest student survey. We will endeavour to maintain and improve these already exceptional results.

95% of students say that they are enjoying their course

96% of students know how to achieve their target grade

94% of students felt written feedback about their work helps them to improve

97% of students say that they know who to ask for help with any problems

97% of students say that the College is a safe place to learn

93% of students felt that they had been treated fairly whilst at the College

97% of students say that teachers are helping them to pass their assessments

Sustainability Policy

Suffolk New College has a community of some 2500 students and 500 staff, we recognise the need to manage our operations on a sustainable basis and that creating a more sustainable future is the responsibility of us all. It is with this in mind that this sustainability policy has been formulated.

Ofsted Report

If you're interested in seeing how we performed in our 2017 Ofsted Report feel free to take a look here.

Financial Statements

Here's our last two financial statements from 2016 and 2017

Freedom of Information

Please see our Privacy & Freedom of Information Notice