National Careers Week is almost here

National Careers Week is almost here

Trainees speak out ahead of national careers week, as interest in teaching rises.

After seeing numbers of teacher trainees soar during lockdown last year, the college will host an event that aims to welcome even more people into the profession.

The online ‘become a teacher’ event – that is being hosted by the University of Suffolk at Suffolk New College – will take place on Thursday 4 March 2021 between 5.30 and 7pm.

The occasion will explain all the options people have, the different sectors they can teach in and the bursaries that are on offer.

Darren Simons
Darren Simons - Teacher Training Co-ordinator

Darren Simons is a teacher training co-ordinator at Suffolk New College. He said,

“Last year we hosted a similar event and we were overwhelmed with applications".
"The reasons for the rise (in applications) were very varied. We had applicants who thought this was for them after home-schooling, some had been furloughed and others showed an interest as part of a decision to change careers.
“I think the fact that there has been a greater emphasis on the importance of teaching during the pandemic has brought the profession into a sharp focus. Teachers have shown throughout the last year or so that they are adaptable and they are able to essentially change their roles in the space of a year and this has proved how dynamic, interesting and rewarding education can be,” he added.

What do the trainees say?

Tracy - Trainee
Tracy Marshall - Trainee

One of last year’s current trainees is former bank manager, Tracy Marshall, aged 50. She said,

"The thought of teaching the key workers of the future really appealed.”
“Lockdown definitely pushed me. I saw how the area that I want to teach in (health and social care) helped the country going through this pandemic".
Liv Penny - Trainee
Liv Penny - Trainee

Liv Penny currently runs her own media business called Livvid. She is looking to do a mixture of media work and teaching in the future. The 20 year old from Halesworth, said,

“Getting another skill like teaching can open lots of doors. It’s been interesting seeing the amount of work that goes into preparing lessons and supporting students. If you like helping people, doing the course is a no brainer.”

The courses start in September and people can sign up by visiting

The occasion will take place during a campaign called National Career Week, a national celebration of guidance based around industry and jobs for people of all ages.