Games Design lecturer and double BAFTA nominee launches new spy game

Games Design lecturer and double BAFTA nominee launches new spy game

A games design lecturer from the College who has been nominated for two BAFTA’s has just launched a new spy game.

28 year old Sam Read from Glemsford secured the BAFTA nominations for his work on games called Splemy and Gang Beasts.

He missed out on securing the awards, but hopes it might be third time lucky as he has just launched a new offering for the Nintendo Switch console called Mainlining.

The Suffolk New College teacher first started work on the concept for Mainlining whilst at Huddersfield University. It sees the user trying to solve crimes whilst working for the MI7 cyber division.

Mr Read has collaborated with Jared Emerson-Johnson who created music for games like Back to the Future, Batman and Game of Thrones and Jill Murray, who worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

He said, “Essentially the game is a hacking simulator. You look at people’s files and holiday pictures and there is a lot of comedy to it, but behind it all – we are questioning whether the Government has too much power to watch us.

“We looked into what Hollywood does in terms of hacking and we want the user to feel like they are breaking into the Pentagon - without of course giving them the skills to be able to do this for real. I suppose it’s all a bit Bond – but it’s more for people who want to be James Bond whilst sat at a desk.”

Mr Read has been working with Games Design students on a new project at Suffolk New College. “We are working on an idea where you get to play small three second party games. We’ve been trialling it and the students are really into it.”

So, what do the students feel about working with a two time BAFTA nominated games designer?

“At the start of the course they seem quite impressed – but it soon wears off. Before long I’m just one of their teachers called Sam.”

Marketing manager, Craig Shimmon, said, “We always look to employ staff on our courses who can pass on their real life experiences to our students to ensure they have the best chance of progressing. Having a double BAFTA nominated teacher is obviously a real coup.”