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Our main campus in Ipswich is based amidst the education quarter of the town and is close to the picturesque waterfront area. You can also take a gentle stroll into the town centre that is also only a short walk away from the College.

At Suffolk New College, we pride ourselves on the exceptional facilities that we offer our students. We have invested millions in our facilities over the last ten years. As a result of this investment, students get to hone their talents in state-of-the-art teaching and training resources which include automotive, construction & IT workshops, science labs, hair and beauty salons, a spa, a 100-seat restaurant and three kitchens, radio, dance and TV studios, a 60-seat performance venue, and an 80-seat lecture theatre. Our modern campus also includes a food court and exhibition space.

Between or after classes, students can do some personal study in the Learning Curve resource centre. Students can chill out and chat with friends in one of the informal meeting areas, or they can grab a Costa coffee and a snack from one of our various food outlets, without even having to leave the building!

Not to mention our hugely impressive sports centre which caters for everyone. Find out more about our Sports and Activities and spectacular Sports Centre.

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Suffolk Rural is the location of our land-based industry facilities and programmes. The campus is located in the heart of the countryside and benefits from a range of specialist vocational workshops and outdoor facilities, as well as general college buildings. Our facilities include:


Agriculture students spend time on the farm to support their programmes of study. The farm is on-site and has access to approximately 100 acres of land for both livestock and crop production. Agriculture training is supported by our close relationship with Jimmy’s Farm, who are based locally. Take a tour!

Beef Unit

The small herd of Red Poll cattle are bred annually and shown at local shows, to demonstrate all stages of production.

Sheep Flock

Our 150 flock of sheep produce lambs annually for market. Students are involved in all aspects of flock management.


A recent addition to the farm, our poultry unit produce eggs for use on campus and for sale.


A small herd of rare-breed Golden Guernsey goats produced three kids in the spring. We plan to grow the herd.


Each year students have the opportunity to have direct input to the growing of arable crops, learning about seed selection, preparation, and management of the crop. Students will have access to a range of farm machinery and equipment to assist the learning experience.

Land-Based Service Engineering (Agri-Tech)

Suffolk Rural is home to workshops which support both apprenticeship and full-time routes for Agri-Tech engineering.


There are a wide range of courses for full-time students, part-time students, and apprentices, who have access to the facilities at Suffolk Rural. We have extensive greenhouses, polytunnels, gardens, laboratories, allotments, and retail sales on-campus.

Horticultural training is supported by Thompson and Morgan, a successful national company, who are based nearby who we work with to support the growing of their Chelsea Flower Show plants and garden designs.

Students have the opportunity to take part in shows and competitive activity, and to visit historic gardens. All full-time students have work experience opportunities.


The campus has areas of woodland and an industry-standard, fully-equipped workshop. We have extensive partnerships for off-site working in many of the large estates in Suffolk. Seasoned wood is now sold from the campus.


Suffolk Rural’s Animal Studies unit is continually growing and evolving, with new species being regularly added. Some of our newest residents include our two rescued Meerkats, Billy and Bobby. We have also recently seen the arrival of four rescued Chinchillas and an African Pygmy Hedgehog.

Our purpose-built facility houses a huge variety of exciting reptile species, amphibians and invertebrates; providing our students a plethora of opportunities and experiences whilst working to care for them. The unit also has a specialised room dedicated to housing exotic, nocturnal species and an aquatic species room where students can observe and care for a range of fish, crustaceans and even Axolotls.

Additionally, the Animal studies unit houses a vast array of birds, including four hand-reared Conures, of which the students can provide the daily care for. Furthermore, students are able to work closely with a large array of small mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, and many more. The Animal Unit houses a variety of different learning spaces, including our dog grooming parlour, outdoor bird aviaries, and grazing paddocks for our Alpacas and Goats.

The Animal unit is involved with two major projects, including a rare breeds breeding programme for our Golden Guernsey Goats. Within the first year of the project, we have successfully bred 3 registered nanny Kids and continue to work closely on this.

Additionally, we are continuing our partnership with a local hedgehog rescue charity, Poppy’s Creche, for the second year. Within this project, students are able to work directly with the rehabilitation of British hedgehogs as we oversee their ‘overwintering’ process. Students will then be able to release the hedgehogs come spring.

We believe the animal unit offers a diverse range of opportunities and experiences for students, teaching students how to care for our animals using a large range of animal husbandry and management skills, directly comparable to industry.

Dog Grooming

Under the excellent care of experienced and qualified industry professionals, Suffolk Rural students can study dog grooming in our state-of-the-art grooming salon. We offer a wide range of grooming services for all breeds of dog, in a stress-free and positive environment, at affordable prices.

By bringing your dog to our salon, you will be helping support our students in their journey to becoming professional dog groomers.

For dog grooming price enquiries and bookings, please contact 01473 382749 or doggrooming@suffolk.ac.uk

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Our modern equestrian facilities comprises of a 40m x 25m indoor school with a viewing area and a 60m x 40m flood lit outdoor, all-weather arena. Other facilities include a full set of BSJA show-jumps, dressage boards, and markers - and, of course, stables for the horses that board on-site.

It’s a well-connected campus, with an extensive and ever-expanding network of direct bus routes linking Otley to all parts of Suffolk and Essex.

Transport Information | Contact Suffolk Rural: 01473 382200

On The Coast

‘Suffolk New College - on the coast’, in Leiston and Halesworth, offers great vocational teaching in a specialist learning environment - providing you with a launch pad for your future.

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A “grown up feel” with “chill out zones”, a homework club, and a student snack shop. Leiston offers a purpose-built workshop for construction students and a fully-equipped computer lab for Games Design students, along with outside space, a grab-and-go food bar, and parking.

Leiston campus is close to the town centre, within walking distance for many students.


Halesworth offers specialist workshops for hair, catering, engineering and motor vehicle. The campus is very close to the local railway station - just a 5 minute walk away!