3 Step Enrolment Process

When you arrive, head to the Atrium where you’ll be directed to where you need to go.
The team will go through the enrolment process with you, and you will be given an enrolment slip.

You’ll then have your photo for your student card taken and will be able to collect it in one of the student ID areas.

Below are the top questions we get asked about enrolment day. If you have another question, give us a call on 01473 382200 or email info@suffolk.ac.uk

What do I need to bring?

Personal ID - like a passport, proof of address, along with your GCSE results slip or certificates (originals and 1 copy). In addition you'll need proof, if this applies to you, that you have a learner loan in place (either a loan letter, email or other evidence).

If you need to apply for a loan click here. You'll also need your parents email address and phone number.

Where do I go first?

Go through the main entrance of the College and you’ll be in the Atrium. You’ll then be directed by a member of staff to the relevant area. Look out for people wearing orange Suffolk New College T-shirts: they’re here to help!

What do I have to do to be enrolled?

You need to show your GCSE results either through your certificates or your results slips. After this you’ll go through your course details with your course tutor, and then complete and sign your Learner Agreement. If you need to pay any fees, this is when you’ll do it. That’s all there is to it!

What if I’m on holiday over the enrolment period?

If you are going to be away during enrolment, call the College and ask to speak to the course tutor or the course department. You can then arrange an enrolment appointment with your course tutor.

What do I get on the enrolment day?

You’ll come away with your Suffolk New College student ID card and lanyard. They always go together and they’ll allow you access to the College on the first day of term. You must always wear them when attending the College.

Will I get my timetable?

Not a timetable but you will get your course start date. Timetables will be given out by your tutors after the first day of the course.

Do I meet any of my teachers?

Yes, you’ll meet your course tutor who will go over the details of your course and answer any questions you may have.

Do parents go with me?

You can bring your parents if you want. They will have to accompany you as you move through the enrolment process as our reception waiting area can’t accommodate too many people.

What is IAG?

This is Information, Advice and Guidance. It’s available to you throughout enrolment.

The IAG team will be based in the middle of the atrium and will be able to help you make your next steps.

If I need to make a payment, do I pay on enrolment day? How can I pay?

If you do need to make a payment you must do it on enrolment day. You’ll be directed to a till where you can pay fees. You can pay by cash, cheque, or most major debit or credit cards. If you have a learner loan in place, please remember to bring in evidence, such as a loan letter or email, or you will have to pay full fees to enrol. If you still need to apply for a loan, visit www.gov.uk/advanced-learner-lo...

I am progressing to the next level and have already enrolled but haven't got an ID card yet?

As you are progressing and have already enrolled, your tutors will have your new ID card and will meet you in the atrium on your first day back!