Enrolment 2021

Enrolment 2021/22

We are now offering face-to-face enrolment at our Ipswich Campus.

Please bring your exam results and proof of ID with you.

6 Step Online Enrolment Process

We have put together 6 simple steps that you'll need to take to enrol on to your chosen course, if at any time you have any issues with these you are able to contact the enrolment team through email on enrol@suffolk.ac.uk

We recommend you apply with an email address that you regularly check and have access to (not a school one) and ensure all details are accurate (spelling, phone numbers etc), as we will communicate through email and phone if there are any updates or problems with your application.

Step 1 – Head to our website and apply for your chosen course.

Step 2 – Receive your application confirmation via email.

Step 3 – Receive an email inviting you to enrol online.

Step 4 – Complete online enrolment, make payment if needed. You'll then receive a phone call from an academic, to discuss your course. Once spoken to an academic you will receive a congratulations email!

Step 5 – Upload GCSE results to complete enrolment and then you will receive information regarding start date etc within the following few weeks.

Step 6 – Attend first day and collect ID card!

Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide:

Head over to the course categories area to see all the different subjects we offer!


What is my start date / when do I get my timetable?

You will be contacted within the next couple of weeks regarding your start date and lessons. Please keep an eye on your emails.

I can’t log in to enrol, can you help?

Please check your username is correct, this is provided in your email invite to enrol. If you are unsure of your password you can reset it by clicking the forgotten password link.

How do I apply for a bursary?

Please see this link.

I want to change my course?

Please call us on 01473 382277.

I can’t upload my certificates/evidence!

Please log back in and click the 'Evidence Tab' from the homepage. All items uploaded must be under 10MB and will be subject to our Privacy Policy. You can upload the following file types:

Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and images (.DOC; .DOCX; .XLS; .XLSX; .PDF; .TXT; .JPG; .GIF; .BMP; .TIFF; .PPT; .RTF; .PNG; .FPX; .PCD).

I don’t have the entry requirements for my course, can I still enrol?

Please continue to enrol onto your course and someone will be in contact with you to discuss your options.

I am unable to enrol online, how else can I enrol?

Please come into college and see us from the 12th August onwards so we can enrol you in person.

Please can I speak to someone about my course?

Please contact our admin team on 01473 382270.

What are the next steps?

Your enrolment will be confirmed to you via email once you have completed the enrolment information. Please see our next steps pages on our website.

I have additional support/exam needs, how do I get these put in place?

Please contact ALS@suffolk.ac.uk and they will be able to help.

How do I get my ID card?

Your ID card will be given to you on your first day.