Land-based/Agricultural Engineering (Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma) - Suffolk Rural (Otley)

Land-based/Agricultural Engineering (Level 3 Advanced Technical Extended Diploma) - Suffolk Rural (Otley)

Subject Area: Agriculture Suffolk Rural (Otley) Automotive Engineering & Welding


Course Information

  • Start Date: Sep, 2022
  • Attendance: Full-time
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Course Code: 154134
  • Entry Requirements

    At least 4 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, English, maths and Science preferred, or Level 2 in Land-Based Engineering at Merit, plus satisfactory references

    Course Overview

    Modern land-based engineering is not just about building larger and more powerful tractors and farm machinery. The skills required include diagnosing complex faults on land-based machinery, as well as robotics, computer-based imaging, GPS technology, science-based solutions, climate forecasting, technological solutions, environmental controls and much more.

    This qualification is for you if you are 16 years or older, and want to work in land-based engineering. It is designed to provide you with a wide range of specialist technical practical skills, and detailed knowledge and understanding, which will equip you to progress to employment, or to further learning and training within the land-based engineering industry.

    This qualification covers all of the skills, knowledge, and understanding required to enter employment in the land-based engineering industry. You will study a wide range of areas that include health and safety, calculations for service engineering and workshop processes. You will learn how to repair engines, vehicle systems, electric systems, and hydraulic systems. In addition, you will learn how to repair mechanical power transmission systems, synchromesh transmissions and clutches, powershift transmissions, and hydrostatic or hydromechanical (CVT) transmissions. You will also learn how to repair cultivation or drilling machinery, application machinery, forage harvesting machinery, and combinable or root crop harvesting machinery.

    Course Highlights

    This course covers the skills you will need to progress to further learning and training, or to enter the world of work within the land-based engineering industries. You will study the following mandatory content:

    • Principles of health and safety
    • Undertake and review work related experience in the land-based industries
    • Undertake specialist projects in the land-based sector
    • Repair land-based cultivation or drilling machinery
    • Repair land-based application machinery
    • Repair land-based forage harvesting machinery
    • Repair land-based combinable or root crop harvesting machinery
    • Calculations for land-based service engineering
    • Undertake land-based workshop processes
    • Repair land-based compression-ignition (diesel) engines
    • Repair land-based spark-ignition (petrol) engines
    • Repair land-based vehicle systems
    • Repair land-based electric systems
    • Test land-based electronic systems
    • Repair land-based hydraulic systems
    • Repair land-based mechanical power transmission systems
    • Repair land-based synchromesh transmissions and clutches
    • Repair land-based power shift transmissions
    • Repair land-based hydrostatic or hydro-mechanical (CVT) transmissions

    You will work with local employers who will contribute to the knowledge and delivery of training including:

    • structured work-experience or work placements within their business
    • your attendance at classes or lectures given by industry experts
    • employers input into projects and exercises

    Next Steps

    This two-year qualification exposes you to the whole industry, and the opportunities within it. On completion, it is likely that you will enter the industry by working for a manufacturer, dealership or within an agricultural or horticultural workshop. As you will have gained a breadth and depth of skills and knowledge over a wide range of units, you could progress within work to become a Land-based service engineer.

    You may want to progress into Higher Education.

    Tuition Costs

    No tuition fees are payable for students aged 16 – 18 on 31 August 2022.

    For all students aged 19+ please contact Student Support.

    For details regarding fee remission, please visit our Tuition Fees page.