Are you work ready?

Being work ready is absolutely essential for you to achieve your dream career in today's competitive job market.

We want to help you to have additional skills which will set you apart from other applicants and put you in as strong a position as possible. Suffolk New College has developed the ePASS which is your route to employability.

You will have the opportunity to earn Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 'badges' as evidence of competency achieved in employment skills. The standard required to attain each of these levels has been set following employer research and so reflects the attributes that businesses are looking for. You will be able to highlight your ePASS as part of a job application and take it with you to interviews to show future employers that you are able to operate in a working environment and be an asset to their business.


Communications Skills, including ethics
Maths, English and Digital Literacy Skills
Personal Presentation
Positive Work Ethic

"IBC welcomes the introduction of the 'ePASS' for Suffolk New College students applying for jobs in the area. It will enable employers - including the Borough Council - to see the extent to which applicants have a more rounded skill base in support of their academic or vocational achievement." Russell Williams, Chief Executive of Ipswich Borough Council