Students' Union

Students' Union

The Suffolk New College Students’ Union is an organisation run by students for students who employ staff to run specific activities.

Justice Gaisie, Students' Union President

Why do you think the SU is important?

The teachers have their thing and this is purely for the students. We are the voice for the students and I represent that.

Also when I saw people not being able to talk about their problems I wanted to fix that. Where I am from (in Ghana) we don’t have this. So I see it as a real opportunity. You should appreciate it and I don’t want to waste this opportunity.

I want to fix the problems. I want students to have the confidence to pop into Student Support. I hear students feel that staff might not be able to help or want to get judged. I’m very open-minded. I need to look out for them. This is what I want to do for my peers.

What advice would you give to yourself starting college?

Wake up, go to school, and always turn up! Don’t work hard, work harder. It’s not easy, you have to take extra effort and risk. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Students' Union

The Students’ Union plays an important part in representing your interests with College staff including Senior Managers. It also helps provide a wide range of services and activities on campus, including Rag Week and Freshers’ Week! The Students’ Union also negotiates special discounts with local shops and traders.

What are our main aims?

  • Set up and run student clubs, societies, sports, social and cultural activities
  • Help improve student education
  • Represent student interests
  • Promote and protect the welfare of our members
  • Provide services to meet student needs
  • Promote and celebrate equality and diversity

These aims and objectives shall be practised without discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, medical condition or gender status.

The more involvement you and other students have with us the better. You may want to set up a lunch-time club or suggest ways to improve the College, whatever ideas you may have we want to hear about them, especially if they are quite unusual/crazy and you know it is something other students would like.

Sports & Activities

While at college it is important to factor in time for fun and socialising. Keeping active at one of our fitness sessions, joining a sports team, or becoming a member of the Student Management Team can all make your time at College even more enjoyable, enhance your CV and help prepare you for employment or further education.

At Suffolk New College, we are committed to providing you with a number of different ways to stay active. We have an exciting and engaging sports and activities programme, which offers a variety of casual and competitive sport and physical activity opportunities to all students and staff. Joining a sports team or taking part in a physical activity session can be a great way to get fit, have fun and meet new people outside of your course.

Team sports and activities take place on campus at the Sport Centre every weekday during lunchtime and after college.

Developing Your Skills

By becoming a member of the Student Management Team (SMT), you will meet students from other courses and develop your skills and experience, aiding your progression into employment or higher education. Employers and universities look very favourably on students who are actively involved in volunteering or professional development and college is the place to do it.

Members of the SMT include students from all curriculum areas who use their skills in a variety of ways. For example, Media students may video and edit the men’s basketball team’s game, or Art and Design students may design posters to advertise new events. We try to utilise your skills and find roles relevant to your course. Members of the Student Management Team will receive a free hoodie or polo shirt and support from National Governing Bodies to gain qualifications. Also, once members have logged 10 hours of volunteering, they will receive a certificate of recognition from the College.

Team and Competitive Sports

Team Sports

Becoming a member of a sports team is a great way to meet new people and have the active role as part of a team. The sports teams that we currently have include Men’s Football, Rugby, Basketball and Golf, and Women’s Netball and Basketball. Suffolk New College are affiliated to the British College of Sport (BCS) which means that many of our students who are part of a college sports team play in local, regional and national competitions against other colleges. Often these competitions take place on Wednesday afternoons and can be fit around lessons and coursework.

Competitive Sports - Representing the College

Many of our students represent the College as an individual or part of a team at local, regional and national BCS competitions. Often these competitions take place on Wednesday afternoons and can be fit around lessons and coursework. Some of the sports include, Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Trampolining, and Gymnastics and many more.

Casual Sessions

If competitive team sports aren’t your thing but you enjoy keeping fit and staying healthy, then casual sessions could be for you. We offer a range of casual, informal sessions allowing you to turn up when it suits you. These sessions often take place every weekday, during the lunchtime period or after College. You don’t need to worry about knowing the rules or being good at the sport already, just turn up and give it a go. If you want to get fit, feel good about yourself, meet new people and most importantly have FUN, there are a number of casual sessions you can try, including: Dodgeball, Zumba, Adult Trampolining, 5 a-side Football, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Get Clubbing Golf, Yoga, Ballroom & Latin, Dance2Fitness.