Apprentice Case Studies

Profile 1: Agriculture Apprentice 2020

Name: Oliver Spiers / Age: 19 / Employer: Greens Farming

"I did my GCSEs and then went on to sixth form in the hope of going to university. However, my dad fell ill so I chose to stay local to care for him and study on an apprenticeship. To be fair, an apprenticeship is a good way of learning on the job."

"I really enjoy working for Greens Farming. Everyone is really down to earth and they help you with all sorts of problems whether it’s work or personal. They are more than happy to help."


"The college have been brilliant – doing online lessons every week - so that’s good. We get a phone call from my mentor every week – they are doing their best to help us get our coursework done. Work wise – it’s not that much different. The workplace is secure – personally not much has changed."

I’m aiming to be a farm manager – I want to get a lot of experience under my belt before I pursue that - I’d Say if you learn better by doing things – it (apprenticeships) are a great way of getting qualifications, learning new skills, while learning and earning – rather than university."

Profile 2: Agriculture Apprentice

Name: Emma Lodge / Age: 44 / Employer: Museum of East Anglian Life

“I was lucky to be offered an apprenticeship role. Going back into education has challenged me and you have to really think – it gets the brain cells going.”

“Long term, I can’t see myself leaving the museum – it is part of my life. I feel very lucky to have found something that I love doing. You get to work outside and you get to see progress every day.”

“It’s given me a real opportunity to do something that I enjoy. I’d say to others – don’t hold back or doubt yourself, open your mind and if you want it, go and get it.”

Profile 3: Business Support Apprentice 2020

Name: Jamie Chisnall / Age: 20 / Employer: Barker Gotelee

"I always felt that doing an apprenticeship was much more hands on. I prefer learning through experience rather than theory."

"It’s the perfect way to learn if you have that mind set of doing and being hands on. It helps give you a lot of work experience – it’s all very helpful if you want to actively learn."


"I was furloughed for a short period, but my key role during the pandemic has been to distribute incoming post electronically to enable everyone to continue with their day to day roles.

"I’m doing more things than I would have done a year ago. The job has taught me so much and allowed me to grow. That is the best thing about it."

"At the current minute I have a full time job as business support so I’ve achieved the plan I was hoping for."

Profile 4: Level 3 Sport Apprentice

Name: Daisy Donnelly / Age: 18 / Employer: West Norwich & Dereham Schools Sports Partnership

"I didn’t enjoy the environment of being in a classroom. Therefore the apprenticeship root just suited me."

"My assessor has been great – she is always checking in on me and I’ve had lots of positive feedback."

"I’ve got a lot of knowledge and experience and my confidence has grown."

Profile 5: Employer's Perspective

Name: Claire Vincent / Company: Barker Gotelee / Role: Partnership Manager

"The first apprentice worked very well and he is still with us. He is now an assistant manager in our accounts department and studying for his final AAT qualification. The other two apprentices have recently been taken on permanently and are both doing well."

"It is so rewarding to see people grow and gain confidence, especially when they enjoy what they do. That is enormously important to us.

"National Apprenticeship week is a great idea to raise awareness of these qualifications. It might seem daunting to take on an apprentice – but it is definitely worth it. We wouldn’t hesitate in taking on an apprentice again if we needed to."