COVID Testing for Students Starting in September 2021

COVID Testing for Students Starting in September 2021

We are writing to you as an applicant or progressing student for September 2021.

The College has been asked by the government to ensure that all students have evidence of two negative lateral flow tests and so we need you to carry one out on the 27th August and again on the 1st September. We then need you to bring in evidence of your negative lateral flow test on your first day at college.

Please report your test outcome through the GOV website here > - doing this will result in you receiving an email and/or text showing your result. It is this email or text which we need to see (example image below).

Further details on your specific induction will be sent to you shortly which will tell you when your first day in college will be.

Your first day

On your first day, you need to come prepared with either the text message or email confirmation of your negative test visible on your mobile phone.

There will be staff at the front of the college, at all of our locations, who will be checking the evidence of your negative test on your phone as you come into the college. Having it ready will avoid any delay. If you do not have access to a mobile phone please liaise with Student Support on 01473 382738 who will provide you with a phone number/email you can use, or arrange for you to carry out your test on-site.

You can obtain test kits directly via They can arrange to post them directly to your home at no cost. All types of lateral flow test kits are acceptable by the College. If you would prefer to collect test kits from the College, you will need to go to the Ipswich site, into the main reception who will give you a kit.

If for any reason you do not test ahead of your first day at college, you will have to carry out a test before you will be allowed in. A test takes 30-40 minutes and you will have to carry it out on yourself. We will have an area where you can collect one, but it will definitely make you late, and therefore our advice is that you test ahead. If you are exempt from testing or are a student in our supported learning area, we can liaise with your parent/carer with regard to attending college. We will not put any barriers in any student’s way, but we want to protect our wider college community.

You must ensure that you are negative for COVID before you come into college and if you do have a positive lateral flow, you will need to follow government guidance to obtain a PCR and to self-isolate. Please call 01473 382200 and clearly state you are phoning to report a student positive COVID result.

Examples of email & text notifications
Examples of email & text notifications

Continuous Testing

You will need to continue to carry out lateral flow tests twice a week on a Monday and Thursday from the start of September onwards. We will notify you as soon as the government changes these rules.

Vaccine Bus

We are also really pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with the NHS to have a Vaccine Bus on-site at both Ipswich and Rural from the 13th September for a week and again from the 4th October for a week. Post-16 students will be able to have their first or second vaccine on site.

Mask Wearing

In response to the changes in government policy, the college is no longer in a position to enforce mask-wearing but we recommend that both staff and students wear masks whilst on site, particularly in the larger circulation spaces. We feel that mask-wearing really helped us to manage the COVID risks over the past academic year, and therefore we will ensure that there is a supply of masks available, along with hand sanitisers and wipes. We will continue to carry out the extra cleaning and fogging to help combat the risks of COVID.