SNC backs charity campaign and gives hospital patients free makeovers

SNC backs charity campaign and gives hospital patients free makeovers

A group of students from the college have been cheering up hospital patients as part of a campaign to positively support staff and patients who are involved in the healthcare sector.

The ‘Kissing it Better’ charity creates projects so young people can use their talents to light up the day for older people in hospitals and care homes. These projects create delight through carefully planned student activities, from massage and manicure to art and music sessions.

 At the start of December, Kissing it Better arranged for a group of beauty therapy students from Suffolk New College to visit Ipswich hospital, and the young people involved will be supporting the ongoing charity campaign over ten weeks. Staff are delighted with how the first session went.

 Julie Sadler is a senior nurse for dementia and adult safeguarding. She said, “I think it’s really wonderful. This helps our patients in so many ways and it gives them a sense of human interaction. Some of them might have been through a stressful time so this has been relaxing for them and it reduces stress.

 “I think the campaign has a wider appeal as we want to feel part of the community and we want the community to feel part of us – so this has been great for everyone.”

 Gillian Swain is a lecturer in beauty therapy at Suffolk New College. She said, “This is an ideal opportunity for our students to take what they have learnt in the classroom and apply it directly to clients. The students have been getting stuck in and representing the college well - so I’m very proud.

 “The feedback has been amazing and it’s given the students a real confidence boost. But more than that, it’s feels great to do something nice for people.”

 19-year-old Heather McGlynn is on a level two beauty therapy course at Suffolk New College. She said, “It’s been nice to chatting to the patients. It makes me feel like I’m helping others and making them feel happier about themselves.”

 Patient, Sandra Potkins, said, “The girls came in and offered me a manicure and I felt well enough to accept. It’s been lovely. It makes you feel good and the students have treated me very well.”

 Jill Fraser, CEO of Kissing it Better, added, “Our sessions are all designed to give young people a chance to listen to older people’s stories, and learn about their lives. This helps both groups feel valued and valuable.”