College games design tutor hoping for BAFTA success

College games design tutor hoping for BAFTA success

One of our talented tutors is hitting the red carpet next month in the hope that he will be part of a team to win a top gaming award.

Sam Read works as a Games Design lecturer at the College.

Prior to working at the largest educational establishment in Ipswich, the Huddersfield University graduate worked for two of his own companies developing ideas.

One project that he helped create is a game called Gang Beasts and this production has been nominated for a 2018 BAFTA Academy Games Awards in the MULTIPLAY category.

Sam – who lives in Glemsford - is hoping that he won’t have to be consoled when the winners are announced at a ceremony that will take place at the Tobacco Dock in London on 12 April 2018.

Sam said, “The game was originally developed by three brothers and a friend. I saw it at an event and knew it would be a seller so I invested some money into it.

“It’s not a great name as it’s a family friendly game but when we started working on it three of four years ago it was a name to use. The game then went viral and at that point you can’t change it (the name). My involvement was as an executive producer. I had an experience of getting a game to market and after lots of hard work, the game is doing good business.”

Reflecting on the industry, Sam continued, “Making a good game all depends on the audience and genre. For me it’s all about interactivity. All in all, the gaming industry is tough. You will either end up very rich or very poor. It can take two years to develop a project. You have to fund salaries, buy software and filter in travel and marketing. So it’s risky and it’s all about taking an educated gamble.

On his work at the college, Sam said, “I started in February and I’m a games design lecturer. I enjoy talking to the students about my passion for games. It’s not about making money anymore. It’s about passing on my knowledge to others.”

In terms of the BAFTA experience and being part of a successful game, he added, “The game I helped produced has made millions for some people. I did OK and it paid for my mortgage – but I’m not a millionaire. My aim was not to necessarily get rich but to win awards. So if this game wins a BAFTA, it would mean the world. If I had the chance to go up and say a few words, I’d thank my parents for supporting me. Even though they didn’t get my interest for games, they always supported me. I’d also thank my university lecturers and my friends.”

Marketing manager at Suffolk New College, Craig Shimmon, said, “The fact that one of our lecturers has a chance of being part of a BAFTA win shows the kind of calibre and quality of staff that work for us. We wish Sam all the very best.”