College Welcomes New Students' Union President

College Welcomes New Students' Union President

The incoming President of Suffolk New College’s Students’ Union has taken up his role with a commitment to helping students get even more from their time at the College.

Mak Islam spent two years at the College as a student and is already relishing the opportunity to stay on for a further 12 months as SU President.

The 19-year-old said: “The College is a great place. When I left high school I went to sixth form but I wasn’t enjoying it so I went to College and instantly wondered why I hadn’t come here in the first place.

“There is so much potential here.”

Mak plans to go on to university once his year as President is over – but first he is fully focussed on working for the benefit of students.

“I have lots of ideas and plans for the next year, particularly around student involvement.

“I can offer activities and advice, I can act as an intermediary, or I can just be a friend to students who might need one.

“One of my key projects will be the creation of an online student forum to boost the relationship between students and the Students’ Union.

“I want to improve the communication to make sure they know we are here for them.

“I hope to make the College an even better place for students to be at.”