Budding Writers Pen 500-Word Masterpieces

Budding Writers Pen 500-Word Masterpieces

Budding authors flexed their creative muscles and penned dramatic short stories as part of a College-wide writing competition.

More than 100 Suffolk New College students submitted work for the contest, which was inspired by BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans’s 500 Words competition.

And it was Performing Arts student Kaylee Richards who triumphed, with her chilling story, The Unexpected, wowing judges.

Kaylee said: “The competition was a really good idea because it gave students the opportunity to be creative. I really enjoy writing stories and I was so excited when I found out I was a first round winner. I never imagined that I would ever win it so when I did it made me really happy and it made me feel proud.

“I didn't really know which career path I wanted to follow but doing English this year has helped me decide that I want to become an English teacher. I don't think I would have been able to pass this year let alone win the competition without my tutor Hannah Baker. Being at Suffolk New College has given me a strong foundation to my career path and its a place I will always be grateful for”

Each of the College’s six schools submitted a shortlist of finalists, who were invited, along with their parents, to a special awards evening at Shelley’s restaurant.

Leading figures from industry and commerce, as well as College alumni, judged the entries, before the overall winner was selected by journalist Josh Warwick.

The competition was organised by English teacher Hannah Baker.

She said: “Creative writing has always been a passion of mine and I am thrilled I have brought this to life through this competition. Inspired by my four-year-old daughter Lily, who told me that anyone can write a story, I am delighted it was embraced in such a fantastic way here at Suffolk New College."

"Seeing the reactions of students and parents alike, as their names were read out and prizes given, made every minute worthwhile. I cannot wait to make the event bigger and better next year!”

Runners-up were Bob Mackenzie, Ana Campos-Bessa, Rebecca Fernandez-Jacey, Caprice Bailey and Toby Pearson.

College Principal Dave Muller, who presented the awards to the winning students, said: “A competition of this kind shows just how enjoyable the study of English can be for our students and what an incredibly stimulating teaching team we have to generate such interest.”