For Parents

Parents, carers and advisors

Suffolk New College understands that parents, carers and advisors take a very important role in the development of a young person’s education. That’s why we want you to be involved as much as possible throughout their college experience.

Outcomes for Learners

Summary Judgements 2018-19

Students at Suffolk New College completing their qualifications in 2019 performed exceptionally well - and this why,

  • Overall College achievement (including English and Maths) for students of all ages is has an improving three year trend.
  • Main course achievement for students of all ages has an improving three year trend.
  • English and maths qualification achievement has an improving three year trend with 78.1% of eligible learners achieving an English and/or maths qualification. That is 2377 English and maths achievements!
  • Improving GCSE High Grade (9-4) achievement in each of the past three years, in both English and maths.
  • Improving Level 3 achievement rate to 89.3% in 2019/20.
Students achieve a number of local, regional and national competitions, prizes, awards and honours each year.

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