Guest Speakers

Guest speakers at the college are usually up-and-comers, personalities or well-known experts in their respective fields. They are invited to the campus by a lecturer, the student union or a department to talk on a variety of subjects including employment, subject matter and more.

We often invite past students along to talk about their time in the College and the career it has led them in to, which is a great opportunity for both the students as well as the speaker to motivate and guide young people. This also helps cement strong ties to our alumni and the local community. 

We are looking to have more local businesses come to talk to both staff and students so that we can learn from their experience and network with the future employers of our students. Please get in touch if this is something you would be interested in.

Beyond professional practices, we have also invited guest speakers in the past to give advice on general planning for the future.

A guest lecturer may be present during a class or at a special time outside class. The college lecturer or department that invites the speaker decides whether the lecture will be open to students outside the classroom or group. Sometimes a speech may be made available to the public as well via social media or podcasts.

The aim of the guest speaker programme is to enhance the students' and staffs' educational journeys by having the chance to hear from speciaists, professionals and community members. If you can help and wish to make a difference, then contact us for details.