Introductory to Welding Skills (Level 1 Award) (Short Course)

Introductory to Welding Skills (Level 1 Award) (Short Course)

Subject Area: Professional Development Adult Learning Engineering & Welding


Course Information

  • Start Date: Apr, 2020
  • Attendance: Industry Certification
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Course Code: 141364
  • Entry Requirements

    Must be aged 19+ as of 31 August 2019.

    Course Overview

    This introductory welding course will provide a broad based introduction to the practices and processes within welding, and will help develop the personal skills and attributes that individuals need in order to build confidence in their ability to work, learn and achieve a good practical understanding of welding. Although it will be predominantly Manual Metal Arc Welding that will be delivered on the course, students will also get some experience of Metal Inert Gas Welding.

    Proposed Dates:

    Monday 6 July - Thursday 9 July 2020

    Monday 26 October - Thursday 29 October 2020

    Tuition Costs