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Mindfulness Practices

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  • Distance Learning
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Course overview

This meditation and mindfulness online course is designed for people who are looking for practical strategies to have more control of their lives during these Covid Lockdown times.

This course dives into neuroscience and includes evidence from scientific research into how effective mindfulness can support calmer, less stressful life.

This course is delivered online/ remotely.


Elene Marsden is a qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience in many disciplines. She has been practising daily meditation for 10 years and recently completed the Search Inside Yourself Practitioners course (Originally developed by leading experts at Google).


This course is designed specifically for busy career people or those studying at college or those working through life changes. No prior experience is necessary.

Take this course if you:

  • want to feel more relaxed and reduce stress levels
  • want to feel more connected, more in control
  • want to learn useful strategies to live well in uncertain times

Course Outcome

You will learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness. You will explore how simple breathing techniques can immediately reduce the stress and anxiety you feel in your body. There are many different meditation practices to try and we will explore the best techniques for you.

The strategies you learn will help you deal with the stresses of modern life, especially during these difficult Covid pandemic times.

You will learn how to look at life differently as you shift from autopilot to awareness.

What you will learn

  • The importance of self-reflection
  • How to connect mind and body and feel calmer and less stressed
  • The power of being present in your everyday life
  • Strategies to keep the practice going

Timings: 18:00 – 20:00

Course cost: £15

NB: This course is delivered online/ remotely.

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