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I am looking for advice

Some people know what they want to study but we are here to help you if you are struggling. We are certain we will be able to find a study programme for you.

Suffolk New College has a broad range of courses available, but knowing where to start can be a problem and so we have some tips to help:

1. Think about or write down some of the things you are interested in. This may include how things work, videogames, tennis, drawing cartoons, or baking. There is likely to be a course on offer which will have aspects of what you like doing, and often we do better or work harder at something we enjoy.

2. Reflect on where you want to be in the next few years. It is impossible to predict the future but you may have an idea whether you want to still be studying, earning money, or living/travelling abroad. Speaking to friends and family can help as they may remember things you have said previously.

3. Having a career in mind is difficult as you may not have a clear idea of all of the options. We have links to ‘Icanbea’ and ‘The Source’ which have data on jobs, sectors, pay and information on what skills you may need. Searching these and talking to school, college, friends and family will help as they will be able to expand your awareness on the breadth of opportunities available. Your dream may be to travel the world and a way of achieving it could be to work on a cruise ship. The type of work could be from mechanic, communications, engineer, captain, chef, beautician, entertainer, doctor, nurse, fitness instructor, painter, plumber and many more. Many of these qualifications and skills are transferable and will take you from the ship into other environments and even countries.

4. Consider what qualifications you already have and at what level. This will help you to establish the level you will study at and also whether maths and English will be part of your study programme at the College. For some technical skills there is a need to commence your studies at Level 1 or Level 2 even if you have higher level qualifications, examples of this are Brickwork and Hairdressing, however for other courses at the College you may start at a lower level or commence qualifications at Level 3, such as in Business, ICT, or Art and Design.

By following these tips, you should now have an idea of what you are interested in, where you want to be, what you may want to do, and the level your studies would be at. You may have been able to do this process yourself with assistance from a friend or family member, however if you would prefer to talk it through with someone and have more detailed advice, please contact our Student Support Team on 01473 382738, who will be happy to help. They can also arrange for you to speak to a member of the teaching staff, and for you to have a visit and taste of the course if that will help you.

When you have the results from the tips above try searching the College courses under the topics, put in your preferred destination and see what comes up. At the bottom of each course page, you will find alternative similar courses you could consider.

Our Schools Liaison Advisors are operating in local schools and if you would like to see them for advice, please either liaise with your Schools Careers Lead who can make an appointment or contact them directly on 01473 382929.

Whilst at the College you will have an opportunity to learn your chosen subject in a lot more detail, have work experience opportunities, and to achieve your ‘ePASS route to employability’. For the past 3 years over 93% of our students have successfully progressed onto further studies, university, apprenticeships, or work.

You may not have a lifetime goal now, and that’s okay. Many people have more than one career or dream during their life, but to have a positive starting point with the support we can offer will put you in the best possible position to move forward. We are here for you!