Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Hello from the Chaplaincy!

We are a team of people from a variety of faiths who are here for those who belong to a particular faith group and those who don’t identify with any faith at all.

We serve Suffolk New College and University of Suffolk by:

  • Creating Communities (around food and hospitality, and shared interests)
  • Exploring Faith (your own, your families, others)
  • Supporting Staff and Students (through offering space to chat, reflect, share worries, or help with appropriate teaching modules)

All welcome, staff or student!

During LOCKDOWN all our services are available on-line – use the contact info below to get in touch and use the FACEBOOK page to see the virtual events that are going on.

As soon as we can, we’ll be offering a weekly Chaplaincy Corner in the Atrium so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.

The Chaplaincy Team

Linda Pepper (Lead Chaplain) - Church of England

Barbara Richardson-Todd - Quaker

Beverley Levy – Jewish

And we’re recruiting others to join us!

Contact details

Telephone - 07854 188536
Facebook - chaplaincyforeveryone
E-mail -