Information for Employers with Apprentices

Having worked through an intensive period of remote support for both you and your apprentices we are pleased to be undertaking site visits for apprentices once more. Our assessor team are prioritising getting out to work environments to undertake activities that cannot be undertaken remotely.

Like you, we have carefully considered how to implement the government guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff, apprentices and other members of your workforce. The latest information surrounding safe practices for indoor and outdoor working environments can be found via the following links:

When we plan a visit together we will share our Suffolk New College Covid-19 Code of Conduct.

It is our commitment to working together to stay safe through respecting the rules applicable to employer environments, identifying Suffolk New College’s ‘Social Distancing’ standards and expectations and outlining the standards of behaviour expected of all staff and anyone they are visiting on site.

We will also ask you to share your current risk assessment with us which identifies the adjustments that you have put in place at work to ensure the safety of your apprentice and the work environment.

How can we help?

Apprentices are key members of your workforce and we know you are committed to their health, well-being and safe working practice.

We are here to support you during this period of change and can offer you guidance, such as working with you to adapt your risk assessment by sharing examples of resources with you and discussing how adaptations could work in different situations to keep your apprentice safe at work.

We recognise the broad range of adjustments there are to consider, therefore if you would like to receive support from us you should contact your assessor and we will be pleased to offer our assistance.

We value continuing our successful partnership together and are pleased to be able to reinstate our site visits in a safe manner.

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