Are you interested in securing an Apprenticeship?

There are an infinite number of benefits involved with becoming an apprentice. Take a look at our Become an Apprentice brochure which outlines what you can expect to gain from being an apprentice, what happens once your apprenticeship is completed and so much more. A selection of our apprentices from previous years have appeared in the local press due to the success they have enjoyed. One previous student had this to say:

"I have really enjoyed the learning environment and the real life work experience. I have gained confidence and now have a plan for the future."

Carrie Eve, Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

If you'd like to find our more about current vacancies there's alot of useful information on the National Apprenticeship Scheme website. Alternatively contact Student Support on 01473 382738 to find out more.

However it's not just students that benefit from apprenticeships...

Getting keen, eager to learn and impress students with a strong work ethic can revolutionise your business. Discover the hourly rate for an apprentice, the length of a typical apprenticeship, what happens at the end of the scheme and much more in our Employ an Apprentice brochure.

You could be speaking as glowingly about your apprentices as the employers below.

"Apprentices, though I like to call them our future professionals’ are essential to the running of my business. I could not do without them and would go to the end of the earth to find one!"
Sheena Sanderson, Koo Koo Hair Design, Melton

"Having an Apprentice is a rewarding experience which has enhanced our business...I would recommend any company to have an apprentice through Suffolk New College as the process has been enjoyable and problem free."

Colin Carter, Employer

If you're interested in taking an apprentice on in your company contact the Apprenticeship Team on 01473 382738 or email apprenticeships@suffolk.ac.uk