Gender Pay Gap Report

Suffolk New College is committed to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for everyone. The College’s approach to pay support the fair treatment, reward and recognition of all staff irrespective of gender. 

The College’s key focus is to ensure that all members of the team have an equal opportunity to maximise their potential and are all treated with respect and equally valued. 

The College has a Single Equality Scheme in place along with an Equal Opportunities Policy, which focus on the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010. 

The current workforce of the College includes a higher proportion of females than males overall and across all quartile bands. This results in the mean and the median gender pay gaps being smaller than other organisations. 

The College has salary assessment processes in place for determining the starting salary for new employees. These processes include recognition for qualifications and previous relevant experience, and are applied across all genders. Once employed staff progress as a result of achievement of qualifications and also annual increments. 

Now with greater awareness of this issue, the College will ensure that gender equality is a central to the College’s recruitment processes. The College continues to advocate that the most appropriate person, regardless of gender or any other protected characteristic is appointed and that any discrimination is eliminated, and that having diversity in the College’s team is a positive focus. 

The College will carefully monitor gender pay to ensure that the gap does not widen and also that positive actions are taken to proactively support both females and males in their development and to run positive action recruitment and selection campaigns, where there is under-representation. 

We will continue to ensure that women within the College have opportunities and the ability to progress with their careers. 

For and on behalf of Suffolk New College 

Viv Gillespie 

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