Accounting Overview

A career in accountancy can lead to top management in any organisation as no business can exist without the advice of accountants. There are lots of opportunities to work in this field which are interesting, varied and can lead to high financial rewards. Suffolk New College offer fully accredited part-time courses to help you qualify to work in this well respected field.

Available Accounting courses

Association of Accounting Technician Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting

At this level you’ll start to develop your skills in double entry bookkeeping and gain a grasp of management and administrative processes. You will learn management accounting principles, how to use manual and computerised accounting systems and how to wo...

Association of Accounting Technicians Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

This level introduces more complex accounting tasks, like preparing final accountsfor sole traders and partnerships. You’ll also learn the basics of management accounting and deal with VAT. Financial Spreadsheets and Professional Ethics are also covered. In the workplace most ac...

Association of Accounting Technicians Level 4 Diploma in Accounting

You will learn how to draft financial statements for limited companies, perform complex management accounting tasks and develop your own management skills. Units are as follows: 4 Compulsory Units: Financial Statements, Budgeting,Decision and Control, Accounting Systems and Controls. 2 Optional Units:...